Next Education is happy to announce a Problem-Solving Assessment (Practice Test) exclusively for students of Classes IX and XI of CBSE Schools. The test is available for free and aims to help schools and their students getting prepared for the Problem-Solving Assessment. It is scheduled to be conducted by CBSE for Classes IX and XI on 20th November 2014. The answer keys for these tests will be available on 5th November 2014. The test has three sections:

- Language conventions
- Qualitative reasoning
- Quantitative reasoning

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Problem Solving Assessment - Class IX-2014
Problem Solving Assessment - Class XI-2014
PSA Answer Keys 2014
Please click here to download:PSA_2014

Problem Solving Assessment - Class IX-2013
Problem Solving Assessment - Class XI-2013
PSA Answer Keys 2013
Please click here to download:PSA_2013