Why is Pluto Not Considered As A Planet Now?

Pluto was discovered in the year 1930 and was as far as we remember the ninth and the smallest Planet from the Sun. However, unfortunately for Pluto it is not considered as a Planet anymore and been removed from the Planet Family.

According to the new definition, a planet should be a full-fledged object which is orbiting the sun and large enough to have been rounded owing to its own gravity. Apart from these features, it is also important for the planet to dominate its neighborhood surrounding its orbit.

Pluto however neither is big enough nor found dominating its surrounding objects. Though it has three moons, Charon, Hydra and Nix, Charon itself is the largest and about half of Pluto’s size. Where in actual all the other Planets called as true planets are far away larger than their respective moons.

Pluto not a planet anymore

Moreover, the planets which tend to dominate their surrounding neighborhoods also sweep up various other bodies like comets, asteroids and debris thereby clearing the path along the orbits. Pluto’s orbit unlikely to this has always been untidy.

Though Pluto was originally a Planet it has now been classified as the largest member under the distinct population called as the Kuiper Belt. The region of Kupier Belt is filled with trillions of icy objects which are orbiting beyond the orbit of Neptune.

Though being extremely small, Pluto is primarily composed of rock and ice, like the other members in the Kuiper Belt. You would be surprised to know that Pluto is only 1/5th of the total mass of the Earth’s Moon and only 13rd of the volume and has an extremely odd and highly inclined orbit.

The members of the Kupier Belt are also known as dwarf planets including MakeMake, Ceres and Eris in addition to Pluto and are of the same size but much smaller as compared to the true planets. Ceres has its orbit in the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter while MakeMake forms a part of the kupier Belt like Pluto. Eris’ orbit in fact is even farther away that these.

Did You Know?

If you lived on Pluto, to celebrate your 1st birthday, you would have to live for 248 Earth years and that if you weigh 100 pounds on Earth, your weight would only be 7 pounds on Pluto.


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