"Some people see things as they are and ask 'why'? I see things as they have never been and ask 'why not'?"

- George Bernard Shaw
Employee Speak
  • Maheshwar Rao R, Senior Texturing Artist

    Since I have joined Next Education I have been exposed to different kind of projects which served different age groups. Also, learnt a lot about colors and how to play with them. Created stuffs with quality and time as a team. Making work into play and play into work and yet sharpening my skills day by day. Enjoying work and growing more creative.

  • Sneha Lohakare, Manager - Sales Support

    In 3.5 years the company has grown and I have learnt experience and grown every single day. The best part is the hard work and dedication is recognize and I was encouraged and trusted by giving growth responsibilities. The employee is treated as a family member where top level management will discusses issues and takes suggestions which are appreciated and implemented. Next Education India Pvt Ltd is best company to work.

  • Cherry George, Regional Manager - Sales

    I joined Next Education immediately after MBA. That was the time of recession and I was very skeptical about joining a startup company. But in the second month itself I understood I have joined a place where I had wished to be. Company is backed by really good and experienced people and they encourage you to do out of the box. A space was always given for freshers like us and every small step taken by us are appreciated and rewarded very well always.

We at Next promise you a 'next generation' work environment. Here we believe in setting up our own rules and thinking beyond the obvious. An environment that promises extensive learning and an enriching career.

We believe in a very simple funda, the employees grow along with the company. We trust our employees, give them an opportunity to explore, evolve and excel.

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