Today, there is a lot of enthusiasm among school management, academics and parents to implement the CCE (Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation) guidelines introduced by CBSE. We, at Next Education, have come up with a framework to aid your educational institution in complying with the guidelines.
TeachNext contains a variety of mechanisms to ensure the scholastic growth of the student through development across various higher order thinking skills.

Scholastic assessments

Developing scientific temperament:

Students learn science concepts doing hands-on work in the classrooms. These concepts and experiments might be the same systems that mainstream scientists use on a larger scale for real-time projects. So, it is major feature of TeachNext.
  • Developing scientific aptitude and attitude - virtual experiments
  • Honing of skills - HOTS
  • Multiple tools and techniques for Formative Assessments
  • Modules for Summative Assessments
  • Collaborative learning with integrated projects

Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS):

There are many mental faculties that constitute HOTS.

  • Knowledge
  • Comprehension
  • Application
  • Analysis
  • Synthesis
  • Evaluation

Other processes:

  • Multiple tools and techniques for formative assessments.
  • Modules for summative assessments.
  • Collaborative learning with integrated projects.

Our CCE software enables schools to manage the scholastic assessments and grade calculations easily. All you need to do is enter the marks for the assessments, and the grade sheet will be generated automatically for each student.

Co-Scholastics skill management

  • Generates grade sheet and consolidated report card
  • Helps manage grade calculations