The Next Education Story

Who are we?

Founded in 2007, Next Education is a fast-growing, technology-driven company revolutionising the education system in India. Every day, our innovative products and solutions transform the lives of 10% of India’s private-school-going children.More than 12,000,000 students from various socio-cultural backgrounds study in 12,000 partner schools across the country.

Education for us is not just business
It's a cause



To provide optimal solutions for all
K-12 stakeholders


To be the top education
solutions-provider in India by 2020


  • We build optimal solutions. Catering to all academic needs of a learner, our products save parents any ancillary expense. The money thus saved gets re­invested in other aspects of their development.

  • We focus on improving learning outcomes. While trying to meet this objective, our solutions are also designed such that they work in local communities.

  • We are reliable. We guard and conserve our stakeholder’s resources with the same vigilance as we would guard and conserve our own.

  • We are there for the long run. We believe in partnerships with our employees, customers, vendors, governing bodies and other stakeholders to strengthen the ecosystem over a long time horizon.

Our story so far

Company founded

  • Company sets up office in Hyderabad by the name Helix Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Begins the process of forming a team to build the next-generation, technology-based solutions for the K-12 sector

Starts operations

  • R&D starts in full swing to focus on:
    1. Optimal word count to build e-learning modules for learners with English as second language
    2. Fonts and colours that work best in an open classroom environment
    3. Duration of audiovisuals and their level of interactivity to optimise child attention
    4. Software that develop insights into child learning behaviour
  • Finalised the ethos of 'Next' to represent the company's products
  • LearnNext goes live and also becomes available offline on CD as the most advanced self-learning programme in India

TeachNext comes to life

  • Creates TeachNext, a digital interactive classroom solution which combines new-age technology with creative content, with many unique features.
    1. Linux-based single unit architecture
    2. Remote controlled
    3. No dedicated manpower requirement
    4. Mapped board content
  • Decides to invest Rs. 350 crores into building a world-class education technology company
  • Revolution begins. TeachNext launched at 25% of the current cost of a digital classroom in the school
  • First TeachNext sold in Bihar

Planning for growth

  • Appoints BSR and Associates (KPMG) as statutory auditor
  • Entrusts pan-India direct and indirect tax compliance (20+ states) to KPMG
  • Partners with Gati for warehousing and logistics for pan-India operations
  • Renames company as Next Education India Pvt Ltd to align with the spirit of the brand and its products

The big break

  • 3 large school networks with 100+ schools sign up to use TeachNext
  • Launches NextERP, an intuitive school management software which integrates and streamlines the departments, processes and functions of a school

TeachNext scales up

  • Introduces NextLabs, an experiential learning approach that enables students to use hands-on activities to understand English, maths, science and robotics better.
  • Wins the Innovation in Teaching Pedagogy award at World Education Summit 2012
  • Named among 25 best e-learning companies at the Global e-Learning Awards 2012
  • Company secures Rs. 30 crore term loan from Kotak Bank

Transforms into a complete solution provider

  • Launches NextDeeksha, a teacher training service for schools
  • Wins the Best Multimedia Content for K-12 Education award at World Education Summit 2013
  • Receives the Excellent Human Resource Management in Education Industry award instituted by National HRD Network in 2013
  • Bags the Best Digital K-12 Multimedia Content award instituted by Wisitex World Education in 2013 for Maharashtra State Board in English and Marathi
  • Reaches the milestone of 5000 schools and 5 million students

Closing the loop

  • Launches NextCurriculum, a comprehensive and integrated curriculum for pre-primary and primary schools
  • Wins the Best School Books Solution Award at Global Learn Tech Conference and Awards in 2014
  • Conferred with the Best Emerging School ERP award at Digital Edge ICT Conclave on Education in 2014
  • India Ratings (Fitch) rates the term loans as investment grade BBB-

Multiple revenue streams

  • Wins the Innovation in Teaching Pedagogy award at World Education Summit 2015
  • Bags the Innovation Excellence Award in Education in 2015 instituted by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM)
  • Reaches a milestone of 7,000 schools and 7 million students
  • India Ratings upgrades bank loan rating to BBB
  • Empanelment by CBSE for teacher training

Operating cash positive

  • Acquires robotics business from ThinkLabs
  • Acquires Computer Masti from InOpen Technologies
  • Launches NextPlay, a comprehensive curriculum solution for pre-primary learners
  • Reaches the milestone of 10,000 schools and 10 million students
  • Wins the Innovation in Pre-school Pedagogy award at the World Education Summit 2016
  • Reports Operating Cash Flow (OCF) as positive for the first time since inception
  • CRISIL upgrades bank-loan rating to BBB+

Building for the World

  • Doubles R&D budget to ₹ 30 crore with plans to further scale-up next year
  • Starts developing NextLearningPlatform (NLP), an adaptive solution for individualised learning
  • First school to use NextLearningPlatform opened in Chennai
  • Acqui-hires edtech startup, Xolvr

Key People

Mr. Beas Dev Ralhan

Chief Executive Officer


Mr. Beas Dev Ralhan

Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of Next Education, Beas Dev Ralhan brings energy,inspiration and direction to the company’s vision. Under his leadership, Next Education has transformed from a fast-paced education technology company to one of the most respected educational solutions provider in India. He holds a graduate degree from IIT Bombay and an MBA from London Business School.


Mr. Raveendranath Kamath

Chief Financial Officer


Mr. Raveendranath Kamath

Chief Financial Officer

Raveendranath Kamath is the Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer of Next Education. He is an entrepreneur and a serial investor with over two decades of experience in finance and operations. At Next Education, he has been a part of financial planning, product engineering and supply chain management. Kamath graduated from IIT Kharagpur.


Mr. Daljit Singh



Mr. Daljit Singh


Daljit Singh’s association with the organisation dates back to its inception. He has over 26 years of experience and has been previously associated with several IT and telecom companies. A post graduate in law with diplomas in Intellectual Properties from premier law institutes such as (NALSAR & WIPO Geneva), he is the organisation's legal adviser.



We work with the intention of helping an unknown child, sitting in a far-away classroom develop a lifelong love for learning. Education for us is not just business. It is a cause. We are Next Education.






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R & D


Digital artists



Edu-tech is just right for us

Now is the right time

Technology is at its Peak:

New technology removes structural blocks and brings in advancements like adaptive learning, flipped classrooms, online textbooks repository, rapid content authoring systems, etc., as well as cloud-based systems to store large amount of data.

Significance of 21st Century Skills:

All stakeholders understand the need to prepare children for the future. 21st century skills like analytical reasoning, complex problem solving, and teamwork are required for success in 21st century society and workplaces.

Gamification of Education:

Education needs to be on par with the multimedia that children of today are exposed to through video games, apps, movies and even TV. One way to keep children engaged is by gamifying education.

Digital Learning Market to Grow*

Smart classroom market in India is expected to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of more than 20% during 2016 to 2020. Indian government initiatives play a key role in popularising this.
*Recent market research report from Technavio

Edu-tech is just right for us

Right Impact of Technology on K-12 education

Improved Content:

Next Education has created intensively-researched, technology-enabled content that focuses on 21st century skills and caters to diverse learning needs, abilities and styles of students so that no student is left out.

Better Content Delivery:

Next Education delivers carefully-crafted content to ensure effective learning for all. Short audiovisual modules cater to visual and auditory learners while the labs and hand-on activity kits improve learning for kinaesthetic learners.

Access to Quality Education:

Next Education is working towards democratisation of technology through its technology-powered content and user-friendly interfaces in products such as TeachNext, LearnNext as well as free mobile apps which enable learners to easily access standard education.

Enhanced Communication:

Next Education eases collaboration between teachers and students through its Learning Management System (LMS) where students can submit their homework online, see their textbooks come alive in a digital classroom and have online one-on-one tutoring sessions with experts.

Edu-tech is just right for us

India is the right place

India is the youth capital of the world with 29.5%* of the population below the age of 14 as stated by the 2011 Census of India

Education and Career Rank Foremost

51%* of parents in India want their children to have access to good education and subsequently a successful career. *2015 HSBC Study

Highest Spend on Education

After food and rent, Indians spend the highest on education.*
*68th round National Household Consumer Expenditure conducted by NSSO

Policies and Compliance